Buying Property in Destin/South Walton, FL


As you begin your search for property along the Emerald Coast here are some important steps to consider:


  1. Connect with Professionals!
    • Mortgage Lenders: If you are planning to finance your purchase you should reach out to a mortgage lender to get pre-qualified or even better pre-approved. This is important to make sure you are looking at property that you will ultimately be able to purchase. 
    • Find a REALTOR (contact me today). Realtors know the current market conditions and often are aware of listings that haven't made it to the public sites like Trulia or Zillow. Additionally, they will have contacts for Mortgage Lenders, Title Companies, Property Inspectors. As the transaction manager for the purchase they will guide you through the process reducing stress often involved in purchasing property! 
  2. Determine Your Needs
    • Take a moment to determine what your needs are for the property. Here along the Emerald Coast many of our properties are resort properties. Are you hoping to be able to rent the property when you are not using it? Would you prefer to not rent and/or to be in a neighborhood that does not allow rentals. Is there a specific size, etc?
  3. Search Properties
    • There are a number of resources available to buyers to search property listings in the Destin/South Walton area. has the current active listings available to search and you can enter your criteria in Advanced Search on this site to narrow the results only to those that meet your needs as determined from the above step. 

Contact us today for assistance with your real estate search here along the Beaches of South Walton!